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Kriss Stress

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It's Like Giving Birth To A Dang Child... [May. 15th, 2008|02:59 pm]
Kriss Stress
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This four panel installation I'm working on with the t-shirt - GAH! I went to Pearl and got a new brush and a new jar of liquid paint and it's just been sitting there dormant on the shelf for a week now. Everytime I work on the piece, I'm happy to be accomplishing its finish - but it's like a chore to find the motivation to get started on it sometimes. I'm on literally the last panel and then I have to paint the poetry onto the shirt and that's it - SO CLOSE. but I don't know...it's like birth pangs or something.

this is the section in question:

seriously...stupid thing...

I need to get it done because I have SOOOO many new pieces and installations buzzing around in my head that I'm dying to get started!

We're moving in a little over two weeks. I'm pretty stoked and pretty terrified. There's a new job option on the horizon. I'm not really feelin' the Argo vibe...apparently I'm one of like, half a dozen who aren't down. Hopefully the new option materializes into something concrete in the next few days.

School starts on Monday. I'm terrified.
Saturday was orientation at CHIC and my feelings going in were equal parts anxiety, nervousness and excitement. I enrolled in December and it's been nearly six months now since the concept of my going to culinary school became something of a reality. Sitting in the classrooms today and listening to all of the new things laid out before me made this experience feel truly real for the first time.

Originally my classes were supposed to be from 6:30 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon. It turns out that I was able to switch them to a schedule of 10:00 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. This is near perfect since my shifts at Argo usually start somewhere around 5 and end at midnight. I can walk home (only 5 minutes from work) and have a few hours to spend to hang out and work on art before getting a decent night's sleep.

I also found out that the last three months of my Associates - my externship - is actually me out in the field and not in the classroom at all. How I do at whatever job I'm cheffing at will determine the grade and the final score for when I graduate.

Every time I think about how costly this whole thing is and how scared I am of the work, I think about how I'm 23 and still working as a barista and how that makes me feel like a complete failure and how I can't possibly be content with my life if I'm just working menial day to day jobs and not truly doing something I love.

Until August of 2009, here we go...
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